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Security Onion on the Antsle

My Setup of Security Onion on the Antsle:

Recently my IDS box, an Intel Atom D2500 Fanless Mini-ITX PC, D2500CCE, died. 

Truth be told, I think it came from the factory in a bad state, as I originally thought I had a bad graphics driver, but I then noticed that, after much troubleshooting, it wasn't a driver issue at all.  The box just sometimes wouldn't boot up correctly with video.  It seems heat related, something like not enough thermal paste on the CPU, as after it is powered off for a while it is more likely to boot than when it is warm.  Along with that issue, this box maxed out at 4GB of RAM (only has 2 memory slots, each of which will only take a 2GB card max) and had a single processor, so it was under powered for Security Onion.

So, I decided to quit limping along on P.O.S. boxes, and buy a little more heavyweight box for my networked IDS.   Security Onion requires a minimum of 8GB of RAM, and 4 cores per their specs page…